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Crisp QSR operations software consolidates all order management into a single platform specifically designed for the dynamic quick service landscape. Our solution streamlines the ordering process, minimizes customer wait times, and amplifies opportunities for upselling, equipping restaurants with the tools necessary for effective management and superior service.

QSR Operations Software

Inventory Management

Elevate your operations with our intuitive, easy-install inventory system. This is a proven tool for operators aiming to slash food costs and boost profitability. Crisp restaurant operations software diligently tracks cost of goods, simplifies inventory counts, streamline the purchasing processes, and manages inventory transfers with precision.

  • Diligently track cost of goods

  • Simplify inventory counts and streamline purchasing

  • Manage inventory transfer with precision and accuracy


Let’s Connect

CrispQSR has the quick service POS solution and management tools you need. Contact us today to learn more.

"Since switching to Crisp, we have seen nearly a 30% increase in our sales through our customer loyalty program this year. The advantages make signing up for and using the program a simple decision saving both our stores and customers valuable time while insuring a more accurate order. In any QSR, keeping customers happy and coming back regularly is the best way to grow our brand."

Jason Anderson

President  |  Fiiz Drinks

53 Locations

42 Franchisees

The QSR Tools You Need in One Package

Learn more about how we can help your QSR process orders quickly and keep customers coming back.


Kitchen Display System

Transform your operations with our dynamic workflows that save time, streamline food preparation, boost communication accuracy, and enhance customer satisfaction. By automating order routing from every sales channel, we help your business achieve greater efficiency and drive higher profits.

  • POS system and mobile device integration for streamlined order management

  • Easily view order details, including modifiers, to minimize errors

  • Effortlessly view and sort orders or monitor ticket times and turnaround time

Labor Tracking

We understand how crucial managing labor costs is for achieving profitability, and we've made it easier than ever. With Crisp, you can easily view and generate real-time reports, tracking vital metrics such as historical labor costs compared to sales activity.

  • Gain direct access to job codes, pay rates, and ticket-level detailed daily sales

  • Proactively monitor week-over-week comparisons and trend indicators

  • Monitor data with customizable filters like period, store type, and order type


Smart Scheduling

Crisp gives operators a tool to create schedules in minutes. Easily view and schedule based on employee availability, time-off, overtime, employee availability, overtime, and hourly sales forecasts, and more. Hit labor targets with our AI-generated sales forecast.

  • Simplify scheduling with built-in tools, saving you valuable time

  • Use forecasting and historical data to optimize scheduling

  • Easily communicate schedules so your team can request time off or trade shifts

Employee Engagement

Boost performance, enhance communication, reinforce training, and increase employee engagement using your restaurant operations software as a powerful tool. Keep your team on track with tasks, announcements, and quizzes available on the POS, fostering an engaged and high-performing team.

  • Monitor performance metrics to understand which locations and employees are excelling and who may need additional support.

  • View task lists with custom inputs, photographs, and check-offs to ensure every location is elevating your brand.

  • Educate employees on new products, processes, or promotions with image, text, or video when they clock-in.


Quick-Launch Stores

Embrace efficiency with our innovative "store in a box" model, designed to fast-track the launch of your new locations. Every necessary component to kickstart your restaurant operations software and support comes bundled in a single package, simplifying setup and minimizing delays. With Crisp's Quick-Launch Stores, setting up new locations has never been more efficient and straightforward.

  • Personalized support from a dedicated Crisp launch specialist

  • Ready-to-use POS hardware, requiring only simple setup steps

  • Designed to support rapid expansion seamlessly

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