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A solid toolkit for the whole team. 

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Seek Hanneman

President - Seven Brother's Burgers

Overall it has created a better, more seamless atmosphere and environment for the operation of the restaurant.

6 Locations

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Smart Scheduling

Give your operators a tool to create schedules in minutes. Handles availability, time-off, overtime, and more. Employees can easily request time-off and trade shifts.

Hit labor targets with our AI generated sales forecast.

Smart Scheduling


Simple to set up, and simple to use. Our inventory system helps your operators track their COGS and quickly generate ordering sheets. Intuitive in-store processes make training new employees a breeze.

Intuitive Point of sale.jpg

Intuitive Point of Sale

Our POS just works. New employees can start taking orders in seconds. Manage orders from all channels with third-party integrations with Doordash and UberEats.

Intuitive Point of Sale

Live Labor Tracking

We understand that labor cost is crucial to turning a profit, so we made it easier than ever to monitor your labor costs. 

Labor Tracking Restaurants.png
Live Labor Tracking
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Tasks, Announcements, & Quizzes

Keep your employees on track with Tasks, Announcements, and Quizzes on the POS.  Monitor which locations and employees are doing great and which could do better.

Task Management

Get Your Staff Paid

No need for an additional service, your employees can clock in on the POS and you can easily track their hours, pay, and tips. 

Enjoy smart features like AI tip predictions – which we've seen boost tips up to 20%. 

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