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Do services like scheduling, mobile app, and franchise management come at an additional cost?

Nope! We offer all of our software services for one simple rate. 

What are the merchant processing rates?

We use an interchange++ model. The rates are interchange+.21%+$.05 (this is also the rate for online orders)

Can I reuse any of my existing hardware?

You can reuse any tablets or screens you have already. Our POS app runs on iOS, android, and windows. To guarantee we can offer excellent support – we won't be able to reuse any network equipment, printers, or payment terminals.

Can I transfer my customer and gift card information?

Absolutely! We'll help you transfer your old data into your new Crisp system and make sure the transition is smooth for your customers. Your customers will still be able to redeem their old gift cards and have the option of transferring their balance onto a new scannable gift card.

How much downtime can I expect on Crisp?

None. With our hybrid cloud/server model your store will be more resilient than ever. Meaning you'll keep taking payments even when your competitors can't. 

Is Crisp an established company?

Absolutely. We've helped our customers process hundereds of millions of dollars in sales.  

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