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 QSR Team Management 
Simplify scheduling, optimize labor costs, and empower your staff with intuitive tools tailored for the dynamic needs of the Quick Service Restaurant (QRS) industry. Explore our services and redefine the way you manage your team.

Unify Your Team: Streamlined Scheduling and Communication

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Seek Hanneman

President - Seven Brother's Burgers

Overall it has created a better, more seamless atmosphere and environment for the operation of the restaurant.

7 Locations

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Smart Scheduling

Take the hassle out of team management with our intelligent scheduling  tools designed for the fast-paced QSR industry. With Crisp's Smart Scheduling you can transform your operations. 

  • Quick Schedule Creation: Operators can draft and finalize schedules within minutes.

  • Comprehensive Availability Management: Easily handle availability, time-off, overtime, and more.

  • Employee Features: Employees have the flexibility to request time-off and easily trade shifts without unnecessary complications.

  • AI-Powered Sales Forecast: Meet your labor targets effectively with forecasts generated through advanced AI algorithms.

Smart Scheduling

Live Labor Tracking

In the restaurant business, keeping a close eye on labor costs is pivotal. With Crisp, you're always in the know.
  • Real-time Labor Cost Monitoring: Stay updated with live data on your labor expenditure, ensuring you remain profitable.
  • Optimized Labor Allocation: Understand workforce distribution and make necessary adjustments in real-time.
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Live Labor Tracking
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Tasks, Announcements, & Quizzes

Keep your employees on track with Tasks, Announcements, and Quizzes from your POS.  

  • On-the-Go Task Management: Assign tasks directly through the POS to ensure tasks are carried out promptly.

  • Announcements Feature: Keep your team updated with the latest information, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

  • Interactive Quizzes: Engage your employees in continuous learning through quizzes, reinforcing training and enhancing performance.

  • Performance Monitoring: Gain insights into the performance of different locations and individual employees, recognizing areas of excellence and those in need of improvement.

Task Management

Tips & Timekeeping  

Simplify the payroll process without relying on additional services.
  • Integrated Clock-In System: Employees can clock in directly through the POS, eliminating the need for multiple systems.
  • Efficient Payroll Reporting: Track hours, wages, and tips, ensuring your staff gets paid accurately.
  • AI Tip Predictions: Leverage our innovative AI tip predictions, a feature that has been proven to elevate tip amounts by up to 20%.
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Explore the full capabilities of our innovative QSR team management solutions. Request a demo today and experience  how Crisp can transform your restaurant's operations.

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