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3 Ways Crisp Benefits Your Employees

Where would you be without all your hard working employees? To be honest, you wouldn’t exist. In order to run a sustainable business, you need people. The employees running your daily operations can either make or break your business. We all know happy employees work harder, but how do you make sure they are happy? Simple, you keep things organized and easy for them to do.

Organizing employees and their responsibilities may seem like a difficult task, but Crisp has already done the work. Crisp will help by simplifying your in store operations and employee management so you can focus on the daily grind. How does Crisp do this exactly? Let me tell you. Restaurants are stressful enough as is without the burden of frustrating technology (or lack thereof) making it worse. To combat this frustration, Crisp has worked to make its system extremely simple and user friendly. Not only is the POS extremely easy to use but Crisps scheduling tool also integrates with the system flawlessly. Managing a whole team can be hard, but Crisp has made an Announcement and Task feature that makes this a lot easier. #1 Announcements and Tasks Are sticky notes and to do lists for your employees getting lost and forgotten? As a previous GM I know these lists are the only way to keep employees focused and efficient but I knew there had to be a better way. With Crisp, there is! Crisps Announcement and Task features make keeping your employees on track easy. Announcements are used as a team reminder tool. You can schedule specific reminders to show up on your POS for all employees to see. Need reach-in temps checked everyday at 2pm? Want all scheduling requests submitted by 5pm? Have a team meeting at 8am tomorrow? Create an announcement for it. It is so easy to do on the Crisp Dashboard and your employees will be grateful for the little reminders.

Crisps Tasks feature is like an announcement but made for a specific employee. You can build a virtual to do list for an employee that only they see. The best part? They are now held accountable for getting their tasks done. No more losing a paper list or making excuses. In order for an employee to clock out they have to sign saying they have finished all the items on their list. As a leader, not having to micromanage each employee and check them off before they go home is a huge relief and I know you would agree.

#2 Scheduling & Time Clock Give your operators a tool to create schedules in minutes. Crisps scheduler handles availability, time-off, overtime, and more. Crisp will even help you hit labor targets with AI generated sales forecasts. Employees can easily request time-off and trade shifts. The simple clock-in feature on your POS in store seamlessly integrates with the scheduling tool notifying you when an employee is late, early, or working outside of scheduled shifts. Easily approve and edit shifts before pulling payroll and view labor reports.

#3 Intuitive Point of Sale Nothing is worse than having to learn a new piece of software, luckily with Crisp you don’t need to worry about the learning curve! Crisp’s in-store systems including registers, kitchen displays, and more are simple and quick to learn.

We know that training employees is a major growing pain in your business and Crisp believes learning a point of sale shouldn’t add to that. New employees can start taking orders in seconds while also managing orders from all channels including Doordash and UberEats through third-party integrations.

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