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Swig's Rapid Expansion: Leveraging Crisp's Innovative Solutions for Multi-Unit Franchising.

Swig's Franchise Expansion Case Study - Driving Success with Upstream Ordering

Driving Success: Why Top QSR Brands Use Upstream Ordering


In a remarkable display of growth and strategic acumen, Swig, celebrated as The Home of the Original Dirty Soda, announced in August 2023 the successful signing of 250 franchise units across seven new markets: Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, and Idaho.

This milestone is not just a number—it signifies Swig's commitment to bringing its unique beverage experience to a wider audience. The first stores in Arkansas, Idaho, and Missouri are slated to open later this year. Achieving this halfway mark towards their ambitious goal of 500 franchise units by year-end, especially just six months after initiating their multi-unit franchising, speaks volumes about the brand's potential and the strategic direction it is heading.

Rian McCartan, CEO (former) of Swig, reflected on this significant achievement, stating:

Rian McCartan, CEO of Swig, Reflecting on Franchise Growth Achievement

"The swift expansion of Swig’s franchise network underlines the strong market demand for our category and the effectiveness of our franchise model.” He further added, “This achievement validates Swig as a strong national brand and a reliable franchise partner. It's a testament to our brand's strength, our team's hard work, and our franchise partners' confidence in us. Our growth is on an accelerated

track, and we are confidently marching towards

our goal of 500 franchise units."

Onboarding Built for Multi-Unit Brands

"Crisp's "Store in a box- Comprehensive Onboarding Solution for Multi-Unit Brands"

01 Efficient Store Launches

Since 2019, Crisp's quick launch services and the comprehensive "store in a box" setup have enabled Swig to streamline the establishment of new locations efficiently. Currently, 65 of Swig's stores have benefited from this process, highlighting the critical role of Crisp in Swig's operational strategy.

02 Financial Management

The Crisp Franchise Royalty Transfer Tool exemplifies this by simplifying the financial aspects of franchising. This tool enables Swig to effortlessly invoice and transfer royalty and brand development fees, making the collection process seamless and efficient. Franchisees can be invoiced for royalty and brand development fees on a schedule that suits the franchisor, whether weekly, biweekly, or monthly. This flexibility, coupled with the ability to invoice for additional items like cups, showcases the adaptability and efficiency of Crisp's system. The automated collection process via ACH eliminates the need for manual intervention, thus reducing administrative overhead and focusing on growth.

Crisp's partnership with Adyen for merchant processing underscores the seamless integration of financial transactions within the franchise system. This setup not only simplifies the onboarding process for franchisees but also ensures that they are automatically integrated into the franchisor's dashboard, facilitating straightforward fund collection.

03 Gift Card Reconciliation

Crisp’s technology ensures seamless gift card reconciliation across franchisees, maintaining financial transparency and integrity—key elements in a successful franchising network. The system accurately tracks where gift cards are purchased and redeemed, ensuring that funds are appropriately allocated among the stores. This level of detail and accuracy is paramount for maintaining financial transparency and integrity across a franchising network.


As Swig continues its journey towards national recognition and beyond, its partnership with Crisp stands as a testament to the power of embracing technology to fuel growth and enhance operational efficiency in the competitive world of quick service restaurants.

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