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How Swig Revolutionized its Drive-Thrus with Crisp Restaurant Systems

Imagine tapping into the full potential of a channel that drives 60-70% of QSR sales: The Drive-Thru!

Swig Crisp Case Study women taking order at car

Cars have been lining up for tasty treats at fast-food windows for ages. Although drive-thrus peaked during the pandemic as a safer, more convenient option to access food, evolving guest expectations made it more important than ever for QSRs today, to get their Drive-thrus right. 

Inefficient drive-thrus leave money on the table due to lost sales and frustrated customers. But the good news is, QSR brands like Swig are harnessing tech to redefine and enhance the drive-thru experience, for 2024 and beyond. 

Swig: Mastering the art of the Drive-thru

If anyone understands the power of drive-thru efficiency, it's Swig. Their drive-thru-only stores are so hyped, that their grand openings used to see lines of cars wrapping around the block!

By partnering with Crisp to redesign their drive-thru model, the soda chain has now become one of the fastest drink concept drive-thrus in the nation, serving a staggering 130 cars per hour

The Science: Throughput vs Individual Service Time

Traditionally, drive-thru success was all about serving individual customers quickly with strict adherence to service timers. However, focusing solely on speed might misalign staff priorities and hurt the overall guest experience. 

Also, imagine a restaurant aiming for a 3-minute service time per car. They might limit their service capacity to just 20 cars per hour! - A number MUCH lower than what’s possible if drive-thrus prioritize a different metric - Throughput.

The Solution: Upstream ordering

Swig prioritized throughput, improving its capacity to serve a large volume of cars efficiently within a timeframe by implementing upstream ordering with Crisp’s Linebuster technology.

How Crisp’s drive-thru solution compares to traditional Box & Window Drive-thrus

This state-of-the-art drive-thru technology allowed Swig to:

  • Eliminate bottlenecks at the menu board and payment window by allowing customers to order beforehand.

  • Drive Engagement with Friendly staff walking alongside cars to confirm orders, adding an element of Face-to-Face interaction, and facilitating the efficient collection of customer data

  • Expedite orders by pulling up customer favorites and processing payments seamlessly at the time of order, keeping the line moving efficiently.

By the time the customer reaches the window, their order is ready to be handed over! 

Here’s what Dylan Roeder, CMO of Swig has to say about the transformative impact of Crisp's Upstream Ordering technology on their operations:

“At Swig, our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction is paramount. With Crisp’s Upstream Ordering, we’ve revolutionized our drive-thru experience, significantly enhancing our operational efficiency and throughput. This technology enables us to serve an impressive number of vehicles, far exceeding industry norms. It's not just about speed; it's about the quality of interaction and the overall customer experience. 

The ability to input and access loyalty information directly from our mobile POS means we can personalize service like never before, creating memorable moments for our customers. Crisp's solution aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver exceptional service and ensures that every Swig drive-thru is fast, friendly, and gives a personalized experience"

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