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Restaurant Data Analysis: Artificial Intelligence

The Restaurant Industry is Changing Rapidly.

Point of sale software, online ordering, and data analysis are now all essential parts of a successful business model. As technology continues to evolve, artificial intelligence will also play an important role in the future success of restaurants.

It's not just fast casual restaurants that have been changing the restaurant industry. New technology has also made a difference for businesses by solving practical problems in ways never before possible - specifically through "intelligent" software that can solve things like forecasting your labor percentage, being able to understand your customer on a granular level, and helping people find their favorite dishes more easily than ever before with better tools that are tailored to your customers.

After learning from hundreds of restaurant owners I have seen that the restaurant industry is undergoing a tremendous shift. But the real change isn't in how people are eating or what they're ordering, it's happening behind the scenes: The new wave of intelligent restaurant software can:

•Take a data-driven approach to running your company

• Increase sales by letting you know which customers are loyal, which customers are more likely to not return, and which customers need a nudge to come back.

• Reduce labor costs with automation through AI labor and wage percentage forecasting taking into account all of your restaurants possible variables.

• Increase consumer satisfaction by providing your customers favorite products from wherever they choose with a similar experience as if they went into your store for the first time.

It’s no secret that the restaurant industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. The pressure to stay ahead can be intense, and for many restaurants, it’s a make-or-break scenario. That being said, those who are able to implement artificial intelligence into their business have an edge over competitors without AI systems.

Artificial Intelligence allows you to use data more efficiently and accurately so you know what customers want while also providing them with personalized experiences tailored just for them or your company's brand. CRISP has been working on implementing AI solutions with some of our clients and we would love to show you how this technology could help take your restaurant from good to great! Contact us today if you're interested

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