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We make QSR management a breeze.

Our fully featured restaurant management system is built for franchises and growing brands.
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All the tools needed to run the most important areas of your franchise.

Franchising toolkit

Collect royalties while you’re on vacation. High level admin reporting lets you calculate and transfer royalties and fees with ease.


Robust store operations

Whether it is Tap-to-Pay, curbside pick-up, customer-facing displays, offline mode, or hardware flexibility that you’re looking for, we have it.

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Elevate your team's performance

Between labor reporting, inventory, scheduling and more, we have all of the tools for everyone, from owner to shift lead.

Scheduling for restaurants

Build customer loyalty by providing seamless experiences that keep your guests coming back for more. Gift cards, rewards, coupons and more help you build lasting relationships.

Create incredible customer experiences

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A toolkit far beyond a Point of Sale.

Royalty Transfers

Calculate and transfer franchising revenue streams. Built on Adyen's powerful payment platform, all it takes is a click.

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Branded Mobile App

Finally, an app you’ll be proud to show your mom. With mobile ordering, loyalty, gift cards, and more seamlessly built-in.

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Unified Menu Management

Make changes in one place, and selectively push those changes brand-wide. Instantly update your menus across all channels.

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Smart Scheduling

Give your operators a tool to create schedules in minutes. Hit labor targets with AI generated sales forecasting.

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Set and forget your marketing plan with drip campaigns that automatically send at important customer journey milestones.

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Single Back-Office 

View all of your units and sub-merchants in one place. Dynamic permissions make sure owners only see their stores. 

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