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Fast Growing Software Provider Crisp Partners with Fiiz to Expand Locations Nationally

Salt Lake City, UT | Nov. 17, 2022

Crisp, a restaurant technology provider for enterprise franchising, announced today that it has partnered with new president and COO of Fiiz from Stena, Chad Harris to help the company rapidly expand their new Fiiz from Stena brand. With 51 locations currently in operation, Fiiz from Stena plans to open an additional 50 locations by early 2024. Within 5 years the company plans to expand to 400 locations nationwide.

Crisp's all-in-one solution helps franchisors like Fiiz from Stena with automated royalty pulling and gift card reconciliation allowing for quick and easy growth. Crisp dynamic in-app marketing increases customer engagement through loyalty programs and targeted messaging. With a comprehensive suite of tools including inventory, scheduling and financial reporting Fiiz from Stena is able to quickly open new locations without sacrificing quality or customer experience.

“Utilizing Crisp's platform has made it extremely easy to activate new locations. It’s a single solution for our in-store operations, customer engagement, and marketing - making it simple and efficient to manage a business like Fiiz from Stena,” said Harris. “This partnership will help Fiiz from Stena continue its rapid expansion and bring its unique soda experience to more consumers around the country.”

Crisp has engineered its platform to handle the most complex issues for leading restaurant brands, but with the simplicity and ease-of-use required for an individual restaurant. The software enables more streamlined data collection and facilitates analytical decision-making so restaurants can better understand and adapt to unique consumer preferences.

“We do not operate the way most POS companies do, with countless integrations and third parties. Instead, Crisp provides restaurants with a centralized system to manage their business and ensure consumers receive better, faster, and more personalized service while increasing restaurant order volume and improving yield at lower cost,“

- R.J. Braegger, Crisp President.

Crisp works with some of the world's most premier franchise organizations across the country to help them accelerate growth, improve operations and increase engagement with their franchisees and customers.

About Crisp

Crisp is a leading technology provider for enterprise franchising. The company’s software helps organizations to manage all facets of their business. From point of sale, online ordering, and mobile apps, Crisp provides a platform for companies to manage orders across all revenue channels from one dashboard, giving clients a holistic view of their customers allowing further strengthening and enhancement of the restaurants’ direct consumer relationships. For more information go to

About Fiiz from Stena

In 2013, Ethan Morgan, Jason Anderson and Jen Anderson founded the company out of their love of inventing specialty sodas. Fiiz from Stena offers hundreds of signature menu items and over ten thousand drink combinations. Their most popular beverage is called Berry Bad Doctor, with Dr Pepper, raspberry puree, coconut and vanilla syrup, and cream. The company also offers non-carbonated drinks such as flavored water and smoothies. With over 51 locations, Fiiz from Stena is one of the largest soda chains in the nation, with plans to open 400 locations by 2027. To learn more visit

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